We Asked 13 People What They Think Bill Murray Ate For Breakfast

Bill Murray eats breakfast, this is something we all know. But the question still lingers what does he eat for breakfast? A whole wealth of things could enter this guys mouth in the early hours. We asked 13 people exactly what they thought Sir Bill Murray ate as his first meal of the day. 12 people answered.

Bendo Prenderghast – 

“Probably a burrito, I heard he spent some time in mexico back in ’76 so he probably eats burritos”

Fatima Jones –


Steve Smith –


Michael Oakland


Brenda Ronson – 

“Probably eggs”

Ashley Ahkmed

“A blend of synthesized proteins, kale, maybe a fruit juice.”

Tabitha Black

“Radishes? I don’t know I’m not really a breakfast person”

Rachel from Friends

“Coffee served by Gunther!”

Abbey Prior

“Smoked Salmon, sweet brioche, some ketchup!”


“Cocaine! I bet he’s proper rock and roll!”

Todd Bickle

“I don’t think he eats breakfast and here’s why. I feel that Bill Murray, as eccentric as he is, has maybe come to a point where he doesn’t need what we would call a ‘breakfast’. In Bill’s world he would probably be able to sustain himself from the satisfaction that his movies bring happiness to millions of people daily, his work shining through the darkness of the world and entering the hearts of the world. From starving children in Africa, to elderly Buddhist monks in Vietman, his work touching the soul of every individual that experiences his work. That is enough to satisfy William Murray throughout the day”

Corey Bernham

“I think he probably eats eggs”

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