I tried anti-vaxxing for two weeks and I didn’t feel any different

There’s a host of information out there regarding vaccines and the damage they’ve done to our children. I was once an advocate for our healthcare system, making sure that my family was up to date with our flu, meningitis and measles shots.

Two weeks, I decided. I’d try to not have any injections of any kind for two weeks. If I started to feel different, then I was admit defeat and go to my doctor and get a shot of some sort. But here’s the kicker: I didn’t just feel ok, I felt exactly the same.

Here’s where all the evidence mounts, if I needed the shot, why would I feel exactly the same without it?

Think about it. If we needed to have some sort of vaccination then why would my body still be thriving like it is? I’m not saying that I’m a complete model of health, but considering the amount of mind-control drugs in our nations water, I consider myself doing pretty well without any needle in my arm. In fact, during my time not having unneeded vaccines, I read a book from a science person and he (all science people are men) explained how vaccines contain melted steel from the girders that held up the Twin Towers. Alien technology is used to fuse chemtrails and Hillary’s emails into some kind of gay sludge, which is then boiled down into an injectable liquid to make it easier to hide it in plain sight. Now, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but every American mass shooting is staged with actors who also appear as fake protesters outside The Whitehouse, these actors are used as drug mules to transport the gay sludge from Roswell to doctors across America. This, of course, was because of the Obama administration was funding ISIS and their agenda to turn every straight male in America gay or Mexican.

Vaccinations are proof, if any more proof is needed, that not one single person in America should be taking anything recommended by elitist “experts” who went to “school” to “learn” “about” “medicine”.

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