Top 8 Unfilmed Friends Episodes

The Friends cast

Friends was a popular drama that aired in at least 6 countries. Unfortunately, the show was stopped prematurely, only managing to last for ten seasons. Many of the episodes that were written, were ultimately shitcanned. We dug around to find the ultimate top eight Friends episodes that never aired.


The One With The Terminal Illness

In a strange twist of irony this episode never actually featured a terminal illness nor any mention of terminal illness. The episode revolved around Monica trying to hide a cake from Joey. Also Chandler changes his last name to Smith in order to get more respect from his boss, but they both end up trapped in an elevator and he has to confess that his name isnt really Smith but in the process he learns to love himself and be proud of his family name but his boss fires him and he has to find a new job. Rachel does not appear in this episode.

The One Where Joey Gets Drunk With Power

This episode was actually filmed, but was pulled from broadcast at the very last minute. Why? According to accounts from audience members, the episode was mainly improvisational and was essentially just Matt Le Blanc inebriated and stumbling around an empty studio. Other cast members came in and out, often playing their real life selves and expressing worry for Joeys mental state. Jokes were few and far between and with a running time of over three hours, the decision was made to rerun the pilot episode six times instead.

The One With Princess Diana

Princess Diana was famously known for being a fan of the show. Having once expressed an interest in appearing in an episode the producers decided to try and write an entire episode around her. Unfortunately, due to poor timing, the show was due to film on Christmas Day and Princess Di just couldn’t get away from a family dinner that had already been organised.

The One With Ross’ Botched Boob Job

In this episode, Ross bumps into an old friend from school who persuades him to go and see the plastic surgeon he’s been using. In a hil-ar-ious farcical moment the doctor inadvertently turns Ross into a drug mule, forcing him to travel across the Mexican border with breast implants filled with heroin. There is also a subplot where Phoebe tries to find some fucking family member or something, I dunno.

The One With The Trouble With Tribbles

The first of a series of crossovers. This episode took the endlessly breeding alien lifeform known as “Tribbles” from the original Star Trek series and made them into a major plot point, putting strain on Ross and Rachel’s relationship. In a surprise twist, Chandler is actually seen to be the source of the Tribbles who have been breeding inside his vapid personality.

The One With The Feminist Zombie Breakdance Scene

Only the title is known of this episode. Jody Foster was due to guest star.

The One With The Nightbreed Crossover

British horror writer Clive Barker was one of the more famous fans of the show, sometimes cameoing as a background extra or sometimes as a replacement for Gunther. But did you know that a crossover with his cult movie ‘Nightbreed’ was in the works? Unfortunately a disagreement on whether Ross should become part of the Nightbreed meant that the script was shelved and they filmed an episode about some bullshit in Central Perk instead.

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