Top 7 Misheard Song Lyrics

Songs have literally been around for years, bringing joy, sadness and in some cases, cake, to the masses. But the message of some isn’t always clear or understood. We asked around the local library and found out the top seven misheard song lyrics of all time

  1. “I’m The Scatman, frrp frrp frrp manana” – Scatman John

    Needless to say, Scatman John’s fantastic song about the economic situation in Ghana is known by all, but what isn’t known by all is that the lyrics aren’t “frrp frrp frrp manana”, they’re actually “Ghana remains well short of solidifying the foundations of macroeconomic fundamentals necessary for sustained growth”. Who’d have thought!?

  2. “Kali Ma, Kali Ma, No he can’t read my┬ápoker face”. – Lady Gaga

    Firstly, shame on us for thinking this nonsense was an actual lyric! Lady Gaga can sometimes be a little crazy, but The real lyric involves a set of words so powerful that we actually can’t type them out without causing chaos.

  3. “Welcome to the Hotel California / such a lovely place / did you enjoy the movie ‘Rainman’?” – The Eagles

    This dark ditty from Wrexham band “The Eagles” draws up images of a dark and spooky hotel where people ask you your opinion on the heartwarming Dustin Hoffman movie ‘Rainman’. But the twist is that you’re just mishearing the words! They actually sing “suck a lovely vase, such a lovely vase”.

  4. “I’m Slim Shady yes I’m the real shady / all you other Slim Shadys are you should drown the baby” – Eminem

    Let’s hope nobody acted on this commonly misheard lyric because it’s completely inaccurate! Eminem should really rap a little clearer, he actually raps “All you other slim shadys are just irritating” lol, he’s so cranky!

  5. “A spoonful of sugar is best not used as a replacement for gasoline as the chemical structure is completely different” – Mary Poppins

    How many of us tried this little test and paid the price! Mary Poppins didn’t sing about this, The actual lyrics are currently being analysed by experts and are yet to be deciphered, but we definitely know it’s not this.

  6. “Its a beautiful day / she left you because you’re worthless, why are you trying to stay in contact? She’s happy with someone else” – U2

    We can’t have been the only ones that heard the voices on this track! Needless to say, my therapist assures me that the constant chatter of voices over this pop track simply doesn’t exist and that no one else can hear them! Lol, total cringe!

  7. “Excuse me while I kiss this guy” – Jimi Hendrix

    It’s “kiss the sky!!”

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