Tom Hanks Gives Amazing Advice For Creating Passwords

Not satisfied with being the most down-to-earth movie star in Hollywood, Tom Hanks has recently been very outspoken about the importance of cyber security. Appearing recently at the GlitchFest in Ohio, Hanks came onstage to give some simple yet effective advice for creating secure and memorable passwords.

“I like to think about chewing on the bones of my enemies, what would be the least likely thing I’d say in that situation? I try to make that into a password” Hanks says. “No one will be able to guess what you’re unlikely to say when you’re devouring your enemies corpse, so why not make that into your password?” He stated before quickly adding “followed by a number and a special character, obviously”.

His logic is infallible and echoed by other tech advocates such as Serena Williams, Hank Williams and Flava Flav. Ben Affleck recently revealed his passwords are created by trying to recreate the sound of a flushing toilet using letters followed by the birthday of his dog Pogo.

What are your favourite ways of creating passwords? Let us know in the comments, on Twitter or behind the bikesheds after school.

Written by Chris Blundell

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