Science finally knows which dinosaur is the coolest!

Finally! Thanks to the marvels of modern science we are finally able to definitively say which dinosaur was the coolest. We put together a panel of dinosaur enthusiasts, most of which had read some books about dinosaurs, to decide once and for all which dinosaur should be named the coolest dinosaur. Dinosaur. It was a close competition, but ultimately the coolest dinosaur won on the day. Let’s start by taking a look at the runner’s up:



In 5th place was the Velociraptor. I used to think that this dinosaur was the coolest, because in movies they are real scary, and also really smart, but then my uncle Henry told me that actually they were little in real life, and had feathers, and weren’t as cool as in movies and games. That’s true too, I read in a book by a scientist. That sucks, but it’s okay because there are still lots of other dinosaurs that are cool. Lets see which is the next cool-but-not-cool-enough-to-be-coolest dinosaur.



In 4th place is Diplodocus. This is one big, cool dinosaur. They were, like, as big as maybe… 6 busses? I dunno, but they’re probably real big. They have two brains! One is in their butt! That’s actually because it would take a really long time for a Diplodocus to realise it had a sore tail or something, so they had another brain to tell them that it was quicker than if they just had one brain. The science rating for this is a 17/53. That’s so cool! But not the coolest.



In 3rd place is Tyrannosaurus Rex. Of course this guy had to be on the list, right? It’s one of the most famous dinosaurs, and one of the coolest! My friend in school Luke says that Tyrannosaurus is the coolest, but he is wrong, and he doesn’t really know anything about science anyway. Tyrannosaurus Rex could run pretty fast, faster than my friend Luke. They’re also pretty dangerous, but they have little arms and can only see things that are moving. I used to think T-rex was the coolest when I was really little, but not anymore because I’m a big boy.



In 2nd place is Triceratops. This was a close one! Triceratops is a pretty popular dinosaur, and not to mention a very cool one! It has these three horns on its head, and it only ate plants but it could do some serious damage to any dinosaurs trying to hurt it, like a T-rex or something. 4 out of our 9 panelists thought that Triceratops was the coolest, but it wasn’t enough to take the top spot from…



In 1st place is Stegosaurus! The coolest dinosaur to have ever lived. Again, this dinosaur only ate plants, but it has all these plates down its spine, to stop dinosaurs (like a T-rex, or something) from biting it. It has these big spikes on the end of its tail for hitting predators, and scaring them away, or even killing them! Meat eaters would have to think twice about taking on one of these cool guys! Congratulations, Stegosaurus. You are the coolest dinosaur according to science!


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