Next Radiohead Album to “Finally Reveal Missing Choruses”

After the most recent album “A Moon Shaped Pool” was released to an unsuspecting public, Radiohead have finally revealed their master plan: to release all the choruses from the previous 6 studio albums.
“A chorus-free Radiohead has been in existence since Kid A” lead singer Thom Yorke chuckles, “We did write them, we just didn’t put them in the songs. Everything you heard on the last 6 albums have been just verse after verse. The next album will be all of those missing choruses”

“Wait until you hear the chorus for Pull/Pulk Revolving Doors, it’s catchy as hell and finally makes complete sense.”

Indeed the last 6 albums by the Oxfordshire band have been completely devoid of any of the catchy choruses the band was known for on their first three albums. Inspired by the videogame model of releasing downloadable content after the game has been released, all choruses will be available on one download and will seamlessly slip into the appropriate place on the track.

“We’re so happy people have stuck with us through this bold move, their patience is finally going to pay off.” Thom states, “Kid A, Treefingers, Lotus Flower, Videotape, they all have amazing pop choruses that we can’t wait for you to hear”

The album, entitled “Missing wholes” will feature artwork from Drew Barrymore and some bonus remixes from Tom Hiddleston is due to be released at the end of this year.

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