Instagram Secretly Creates Crudely Drawn Microsoft Paint Versions Of All Your Photos

Who owns your data, you or your social network? That question, sadly, remains unanswered. However, our spies have uncovered some seriously damning evidence of what Instagram does with that data. And it’s happening to every single one of us.

Beneath the original, stored on IG’s servers is a crudely drawn MS Paint version of every single photo you upload. The mysterious hand drawn pictures, are often accompanied by rude comments such as ‘lil stupid’ and ‘fumty buttface’. Sometimes the pictures are uncannily close to the originals, such as the examples shown.

Cat next to a curtain
Instagram openly mocks peoples photographs on their servers

“It’s part of the company policy, hand-drawn mainly to help the staff let off some steam. But they store them on the servers alongside the originals and this is completely unacceptable. No one should be reduced to 32 colours, it’s awful.”

According to our source this practice is commonplace within most of the major social networks, thought to have been started by MySpace’s founder “Tom” soon spreading to other digital networks such as FunTown and Spookz, the social network for cool ghosts.

Often the drawings are accurately close to the originals
Often the drawings are scarily close to the originals

Our source ended with one final thought: “First my wife leaves me, now this. How could life get any worse?”

Written by Chris Blundell

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