How many of these gym sins have you committed?

There’s a certain protocol to working out at the gym. Whether you’re a bodybuilder, a cardiobunny or a janitor, there are unspoken rules to working out. If those rules are broken, word spreads like herpes and very quickly you can become the most loathed person in the gym. How many of these sins have you committed while training?

1. You leave the door open

Simple, sometimes its cold and you let the heat out, other times you let the demons in. Dont be that guy.

2. You hog the protein fountain

Its there for everyone to use, take a sip, move along

3. You lift more than everyone else

Don’t. You think it feels good to be lifting 20lbs while someone else is benching 200lbs? It doesn’t. Wait for everyone else to catch up.

4. You shower with the three witches from Macbeth

In what way is this appropriate? They’re not members, they take up space, they are fictional. Not cool.

5. You disrupt yoga classes by audibly trying to describe in detail, everything that everyone in the room is doing

I understand why you would want to do this, but others may not fully share your passion. Leave it at the door

6. Leaving your weights on a child

Put your weights back on the rack, they could injure the child

7. Taking all the weights outside and piling them up in a heap, then pissing on the heap shouting “this is what I think of you fucking your personal trainer Diane”

We know she broke your heart, but you need to let go

8. Jumping Jacks on the treadmills

It damages the belt, dummy

Written by Chris Blundell

Chris is the Editor of The Vurp.
A strong, powerful, handsome man who writes his own biography.
He does not condone any of the content on this site, but he will bank the advertising revenue.

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