Want to feel old? Guy Fieri, original lead singer of mega-band Smash Mouth, left the band on this day ten years ago! Fieri performed vocals on such hits as All Star, All Star (From The Motion Picture “Mystery Men”) and the unforgettable All Star (From The Motion Picture “Shrek”). His leaving of the band caused huge ripples across the music industry, leading to heartfelt messages from a glut of bands such as Third Eye Blind, Counting Crows and Uncle Kracker.

Guy left the band to pursue his passion of “chillin’ with some brewskies in his Cadillac” but that soon developed into a TV hosting gig centered around Fieri pestering people in commercial kitchens. “The band was great, but I needed a new creative outlet, something that was just mine”

Smash Mouth occasionally pay tribute to Fieri at gigs by playing All Star (2007 Remastered Edition) at gigs with current lead singer Steve Harwell changing his style to match that of Fieri’s.

What’s your favourite version of All Star? Let us know!


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