My Grandfather Invented One Weird Old Trick To Reduce Belly Fat, Now The Internet is Desecrating His Memory.

Heroes, they say, are made and not born. My Grandfather is a hero, in every sense of the word. His tortured past forced him onto a path of depravity, redemption, and the introduction of one weird trick to reduce belly fat.

Sure, not everyone knew him by name, the people in his village knew him by the name Harold Marquis, a shoemaker by day and a dreamweaver by night. The village was truly shaped by my Grandfathers technique. What once was a glacier of chubby waists, soon became a sea of lean tummies, all thanks to that one weird trick that my Grandfather swore to take to his grave. That all changed when the internet advertisement storm took hold and cheapened his memory.


Every website is a sea of fakes ‘tips’ and ‘tricks’ and my grandfathers legacy is being shattered, my family torn apart. Everywhere I used to go, people would thank me for my Grandfathers tip to reduce belly fat, ‘It changed my figure ever so slightly’ they used to say, ‘just a few minutes a day meant that my stomach was reduced a little bit, all thanks to your grandfather’ and they’d shake my hand, showing their respect for the incremental improvement in their life. Alas, those heady days are long gone, my family torn apart due to the influx of cheap knock-off tips that don’t work, promising the holy grail of slightly reduced belly fat, but delivering nothing but disappointment and another mark against my family’s once good name.

All I ask of you is this: next time you use a weird old tip to reduce belly fat, just take a moment to ask yourself ‘is this legit?’

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