God Said To Be “Shocked And Honoured” At Surprise Prince Concert In Heaven

“There were the tiniest hints of a rumour starting to bubble in Heaven” God said in a public statement today “No one really believed it until he actually walked into that stage, needless to say, the crowd went wild”.

Prince, 57, made the last minute decision to play the ultimate gig to a packed crowd in Heaven yesterday. ” Me and my friends queued up hours, eagerly discussing our favourite albums, just straight fanboying out” God recalls of the concert “The entire population turned out, no one wanted to miss it. That really speaks volumes about how great he is”

At the concert, Prince played all your favourite songs, even the obscure favourite b-side that you never thought he’d ever play, he played that. Twice. Prince is said to be recording several new albums ready to be released in the next life. “Heaven is so freeing, earth is great and I made some fantastic friends, but here I can truly make music without limits”. We can’t wait to hear it Prince.

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