The Final Straw: It’s Time To Draw A Line In The Sand

We all know that this world is going to hell in a handbasket. Something must change. The wait has gone on long enough and it’s time we all united, and drew a line in the sand.

Have you done it? Let’s take a look and see who has!
That’s it! Perfect! Keep it up.
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Team work! That’s the spirit!
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People have been doing it for years! Are you ready?!
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Awesome! Passing on the knowledge!
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Wow! Creative use of found objects, my friend! A feather?! That’s great! You wouldn’t think it would leave much of a line, which is why most people go for sticks or whatever; a feather is really thinking outside of the box! Way to go, champ!
Wa-hey! Maybe try up the beach a little further? That line won’t last there, and we want to see the cool stuff you’re doing! Thanks for coming out and showing us what you got! NICE!
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Ummmm…. AWESOME! That line is all over the place! Representing the chaotic nature of life, and the Universe!

If you haven’t drawn a line in the sand yet, there’s still time! Get yourself to a beach, or even a golf course, and get drawing! If you need help, ask someone around you. Hey, maybe they’ll draw a line with you!

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