Exclusive Look At Every Upcoming Jason Bourne Movie

Jason Bourne Running

Jason Bourne has had a fulfilling film career. He runs, he jumps, he does shooty things with his bang bang stick. The fans eagerly awaits the next instalment in the movie franchise, but only The Vurp can exclusively reveal not only the title of the next Jason Bourne movie, but also every movie after that too. Let’s take a look at the past, present and future of one of the most successful spy franchises in movie history :

  • Bourne Identity
  • Bourne Supremacy
  • Bourne Ultimatum
  • Bourne Legacy
  • Bourne Fabulous –  To Wong Foo sequel/crossover
  • Bourne Yesterday – set the day before the first instalment. Mainly Jason doing daily chores)
  • Bourne Slippy  -set on an ice planet
  • Bourne In The USA – first part in a planned world trilogy
  • Bourne To Be Wild – on an African safari
  • Step Up: Jason Bourne – Jason learns to dance while spying on his choreographer, who is a Russian informant
  • Bourne: A Woman – Jason has a gender reassignment
  • Bourne In A Barn – Jason gets involved in spy antics on a farm
  • StillBourne – generic Bourne film – DOA
  • Bourning Bridges – Starring Jeff Bridges
  • Bourned At The Stake – Jason fights a coven of witches
  • A Child is Bourne – Jason has a son who fights along side of him
  • Crash And Bourne – buddy cop comedy introducing Steve Crash
  • Bourne And Bred – buddy baker comedy introducing Steve Bred
  • One Bourne Every Minute – Jason fights an army of futuristic clones multiplies at an alarming rate
  • NewBourne  – Jason has another son but this time its already trained straight from the womb
  • Bourne The Candle At Both Ends – a tired Jason fights crime while holding down a part time job
  • Bourne: Shipping Hero – Jason’s part time job takes over from his spy work
  • Bourne Bournes – released with candy merchandise tie-in
  • Bourne Not Maid  – Jason gains a partner, an Hispanic maid with a sketchy past
  • Bourne With A Silver Spoon In His Mouth – Jason’s boarding school past catches up with him
  • Bourne Notice – tie in with popular TV series
  • Bourne In Hell – Jason fights Lucifer and his chums
  • Bourne: Rebourne – gritty reboot
  • Slow Bourne  – character-based drama with little action
  • The Leg Bourne’s Connected To The Hip Bourne – educational biology tie-in for kids
  • You Can’t Choose Who You’re Bourne To – Jason’s father, also an ex spy, reappears to try to teach his son the old spy ways
  • Bourne’s NewBourne: Bourne of Bourne – Jason has a third son who not only takes over the franchise, but is also Asian. And a wizard.

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