Embarassing: Trump Eats His Tide Pods Well Done

Another embarrassment rocked Donald Trump‘s world today after anonymous Whitehouse aides have revealed to The Vurp that The President eats his laundry detergent Tide Pods well done and smothered in ketchup. The news comes after millions of children have eaten the laundry detergent as a way of impressing their friends on social media, calling it the “Tide Pod Challenge”.

Former billionaire real estate con man and inheritance tax survivor Donald Julian Trump, not one to be outshone by a bunch of kids, began eating the colourful pods last Tuesday. The real problem is choosing to eat them cooked to within an inch of their life, and smothered in red sauce. “If you are to eat laundry detergent, there’s a way of doing it” says etiquette expert Daniel Bismarc, “Serving them well done simply ruins the taste, adding tomato ketchup is the final insult.” These revelations have led to outrage on Twitter as, some say, it shows the Presidents classlessness.

People close to Trump jumped to his defence, with adviser Kellyanne Conway stating on Twitter: “cooking Tide Pods properly helps remove the immigrant worker germs that they’re covered in. I think you’ll find that he’s actually being very smart”

We have reached out to the Whitehouse for further comment, but they deny Tide Pods ever existing.

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