Create Your Own ‘Batman V Superman’ and ‘PeeWee’s Big Holiday’ Review

Years of waiting and speculation have lead to this moment: both Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and PeeWee’s Big Holiday have been released.  We’ve pieced together a review you can make yourself by simply choosing the appropriate answers as you go along! Don’t forget to share your review with us!

The review:

First off let me begin by saying that [Batman V Superman/PeeWee’s Big Holiday] is absolutely [sublime/boring/horseshit]. I know that this review may upset fans of the  [original/more recent] [Batman/Superman/PeeWee] [comics/movies] but hear me out.
The elephant in the room: is [Paul Reubens/Ben Affleck] good in the [Batman/PeeWee] role? The answer is a resounding [yes/no/it honestly doesn’t matter, it’s just a movie]. His [grizzled/child-like/tempestuous] new take on [Batman/PeeWee] drags the role to a new level, deepening his character while he learns to deal with his inner [darkness/child/voice]. This genuinely feels like a new take on the classic [PeeWee/Batman] character and the movie is [better/worse/no different] for it.

The movie doesn’t touch on [Peewee/Batman]‘s back story too much and focuses more on developing his relationship with the people around him, including [Jeremy Irons/a whole host of actresses] as [Alfred/Some Amish Women] and [Henry Cavill/Joe Manganiello] as [Superman/Joe Manganiello].

The final scene with [Superman/Batman/PeeWee/Joe Manganiello] and [Superman/Batman/PeeWee/Joe Manganiello] is suitably [epic/disappointing/screwball] with the conclusion of the movie ending [suddenly/safely/frighteningly/uproariously] leaving the audience begging for [less/more/sex/a slow death].

Overall, I’d say that if you’re a fan of the [original/newer] [comics/movies/TV series/novellas] then you should absolutely [see it/don’t see it/get over yourself] and you never know, you may just be surprised.

Written by Chris Blundell

Chris is the Editor of The Vurp.
A strong, powerful, handsome man who writes his own biography.
He does not condone any of the content on this site, but he will bank the advertising revenue.

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