The Vurp was founded in 2016 to traverse the breadth of entertainment, lifestyle, news and culture. Plug dog gifs

What is The Vurp?

The Vurp was designed with one thing in mind, to take our world and digest it back to you in the greatest way possible. We’re not saying that The Vurp is the greatest website in the world. We’re simply saying that we’re the greatest website in the world.

What is The Vurps ideology?

Life has too much information around, information that isn’t relevant for the modern person. When life moves at infinity heartbeats per second, you need someone to digest it all and feed it back to you in the best way possible. That is why we’re here. This is our role, our curse, our blessing.

All that we ask of you is that you share this ideology with the world, while we bank the advertising revenue.

Who makes The Vurp and its content?

Here at The Vurp, we like to think that life is our main content producer, our writers, videographers, witches and male witches merely take that content and give it back to you in a form that you can understand. Don’t thank us, just share every article we make on social media.

What does The Vurp mean?

The Vurp, means everything you ever thought it meant.

Am I cool enough to read The Vurp? Should I have a beard?

Embrace everything you are, ignore everything that you aren’t, if you enjoy The Vurp, then you are cool enough to read us. If you share our articles then you become part of us and we can bank advertising revenue.

Can I submit a piece to The Vurp?

At this moment in time only our staff are qualified to digest the reams of information swirling around the world. In the future, we will offer training programs so that more of you develop the skills to do this.

Can I know who is on your staff?


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