7 Weird Foreign McDonalds Menu items

You may be surprised to know that McDonalds doesnt have the exact same menu around the world. In fact, it doesn’t even use the same emloyees. We’ve trawled the internet to find some of the strangest menu items on foreign McDonalds menus. See if you can spot these when you’re travelling!

The McRain, England

England is famous for its national cuisine, rain. So it stands to reason that they would be first to introduce The McRain, rainwater served on a soft brioche bun, with extra salted fries to soak up some of that rainwater. The rumours about it actually being filled with clowns tears were unsubstantiated.

Big Macs with Black Buns, Chile

The bun is made black by burning it severely, making this Big Mac extremely difficult to eat. What a novelty!

The McTooth, Japan

Always nice to see the Japanese bring their wonderful Eastern traditions and fuse it with Western food. This item is literally a tooth served in a bun with mayonnaise.

Pork McFlurry, Parts of Germany

What could be more German that shredded barbecue pork swirled into ice cream, topped with either onions or popping candy? Nothing. Nothing is more German than that.

The McDaniel, Scotland

Most of the McDonalds in Scotland forgo the fast food serve traditional Scottish cuisine such as deep fried kilt or poached cows haunch. However, they did invent The McDaniel, a pewter cup filled to the brim mayonnaise and garnished with a single sage leaf. Delicious!

The Mc-A-Severed-Head-Served-On-A-Horse, Canada

It’s no surprise that a brutal country such as Canada would introduce a menu item such as this. They couldn’t even come up with a sensitive name for it. Avoid this at all costs.

Tony Bennet, United States

People often forget that before he was a national treasure, he was a limited edition McDonalds menu item. Served with a side of slaw, Tony is only served after 10:30pm to ensure freshness. Now that’s what I call singing for your supper!

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