7 Of The Most Extreme Tattoo Removals

Tattoos are cool most of the time, but some the time they’re not cool and there’s no way of knowing how cool a tattoo will be until it’s finished. Luckily, there’s a way of removing tattoos using drinking straws and powerful vacuums, so any awful tattoos can be corrected without any repercussions. Here we list the most amazing tattoo removals ever. We don’t have the before pictures so you’ll just have to trust us with our descriptions.

back tattoo
Steve Jones of Winchester had a full back tattoo of his top 7 churches, unfortunately his top church shunned him and he had to get the whole tattoo removed. Luckily its been done well, looks like it was never there!
bicep tattoo removal
My dad had a tattoo of a bicep on his bicep, luckily it was only a small one so it could be removed pretty easily. This is a photo taken after the removal.
Jeremy Hornby of Ohio got drunk one night and had the entirety of The Bible translated into Welsh and tattooed across his torso. During the 15 hour session they kept plying him with drink so he didn’t sober up and stop the process!
cat feet
Jerry The Cat had “love” and “hate” tattooed across his paws. He found it prevented him from getting taken too seriously in job interviews so it was removed over 5 sessions with heavy catnip sedation.
Mother Bitch
This child had over 40 tattoos in comic sans font over his entire face. One of which was the word “motherbitch”
Hard to believe this arm was filled with tattoos of combine harvesters and donkey dressage

They look like normal untattooed legs on this photo, but they used to be inked with a 300 Pokémon orgy overseen by Ash Ketchum himself.

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