7 Common Food Phrases Destroyed

There are literally over 10 phrases that are food related, but how many of them are actually true? Here, in this article you’ve chosen to read based solely on a loosely interesting title, we destroy 7 of those phrases.

“Everything Happens For A Raisin”

Raisins are great, don’t get us wrong, but the universe is a complex, evolving, expanding entity in perpetual flux, to think that the entirety of our lives and events happen for a small shrivelled fruit is, quite frankly, twatty.

“A Bird In The Hand Is Worth 2 Burgers”

Back in the days when Donald Trump was a lovable clown, birds were common currency on Wall Street, changing hands between stockbrokers to be ground up and snorted through the nose. Never were they worth more than 2 burgers.

“If you can’t beat them, boil them

The good thing about eggs is that they are very versatile. If you can’t beat them, there are several other things that can be done to them other than boiling them, such as setting them alight, throwing them, or simply freezing them before chiseling them into an ornate statue of Bob Geldof.

“You Gotta Fight For Your Right For Smarties”

It’s written into the law that Smarties are everyone’s right and that will never be taken away. No need to fight for it.

“An Apple A Day will literally melt you”

This is only partially true, while apples are good and should be eaten with most meals, the myth of apples melting you is not based in fact. The origins of this story are so amazing that they will melt you, so there’s a tiny bit of truth to it.

“Pretzels are a form of mental illness”

Mental illness is a very sensitive subject, which is what makes pretzels so difficult to talk about because so many people associate pretzels with mental illness. Numerous celebrities such as Bill Cosby, Colin Farrell, Joan Of Arc, all enjoyed pretzels and all were at some point in their careers called “crazy”. Needless to say there is no truth to this phrase and we, as a society, need to move past this common misconception.

“Its a Hot Dog”

Um, no, it’s actually not.


Written by Chris Blundell

Chris is the Editor of The Vurp.
A strong, powerful, handsome man who writes his own biography.
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