6 Sequels To Movies That Never Existed

Audiences love movie sequels. Building a richer, more detailed universe wherein the characters go on exactly the same journey as the first movie. Here’s our favourite sequels to movies that never even existed.

Home Improvement: Battle For A Thousand Souls

The first Home Improvement movie never existed, however it was supposed to introduce Tim ‘The Toolman’ Taylor’s new family who are all Middle-Eastern ninjas. Tim has to fight a newly-awakened ancient evil with his new found family while also having to deal with his middle sons low grades at school.

RoboKnight vs Injusticenator: Hold Me

Bringing together the two biggest franchises that have never existed. Roboknight is a mediaeval warrior brought forward into the year 2050, turned into a robot and then sent back to the present day. Injusticenator is a traffic cop who’s really really really angry. The two finally meet head-to-head in their toughest battle yet: love.

Bruce Willis: An autobiography of my first three pets

The first movie never made it past the scripting stage, so God knows how a sequel got greenlit. The movie was literally Bruce Willis filming his cats while simultaneously providing the voiceover for them.

Faith, Hope and a whole lotta Charity! 2: The search for Spock

Three white schoolgirls lives change when one of them is involved in a science project gone wrong, giving her the soul of a sassy black woman. Further hijinks ensue when their science teacher gives them homework that can only be described as ‘out of this world’…

Sex Town: Busty’s got balls

Sex Town was a successful franchise on paper, taking the two most profitable genres and mixing them together. However the execution created a pre-school sexually explicit cartoon movie that wasn’t suitable for anyone. This sequel involved one of the characters ‘Busty’ learning to play different sports with a gradually increasing libido.

Puppy School 101: The doggie door to eternal damnation

The movie followed three small badly behaved dogs and their journey of discovery as they find a mysterious doggie door that leads to the Nether Realm. Opening their eyes to the shattering consequences of their misbehaviour, they learn obedience the hard way: in hell.



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