5 New Racial Slurs You Need To Be Careful Of

A Purdue sociology professor explores racial and ethnic relations in his book "Diversity and Unity." Martin Patchen says many factors lead to prejudice, segregation and discrimination. Among them: intergroup contacts, economic competition and population shifts. (Purdue News Service photo illustration by Vince Walter) Color photo, electronic transmission, and Web and ftp download available. Photo ID: Patchen.diversity

Racism has always been a sensitive topic. Existing ever since the Race family sailed over to America back in 1403.

Sometimes you can be racist without even knowing it. So be careful, if you hear these phrases. No matter how innocent they sound, repeating them could end you up in hot water.


This is such a common phrase, I’m still surprised that people are completely unaware of its original meaning: during the brief but intense white¬†slave trade, black owners used to put the European¬†snafflefruit on the slaves feet and make them dance for several hours chanting “go snafflefoot, go snafflefoot / dance a lot for my pleasure”

“Dr Wilkins to Triage please, Dr Wilkins to Triage.”

Sounds innocent, but think again. Triage, Japan is the place where all the Japanese wars have been fought. Repeating this phrase is essentially like telling an Asian person that you want them to go to war.

“Go Go Gadget Legs”

If we have to explain to you why this is racist, then there really isn’t much point continuing, it’s already too late. Don’t repeat it, don’t write it down, don’t even think it. It’s simply disgusting.

“That’s totally Elton”

In some offices, this phrase can be heard almost daily, the victims simply suffering in silence. Elton, being a reference to Elton John, his real name being Reginald Dwight, Dwight being cockney rhyming slang for ‘white’, the French word for white is ‘Blanc’, Matt Le Blanc was an actor in the TV show Friends, Friends being a TV show where only white people existed. Using this phrase is essentially wanting something to be whitewashed. Not cool.


People use the highly offensive word YOLO as a nickname for South Americans. The Yolo plant is native to South America, growing in between the vast fields of cocaine surrounding the favelas where people cook beans in sombreros and take siestas. Needless to say, the word simply perpetuates an unimaginative stereotype of South American people.

Are there any other new offensive racial slurs that we missed off ? Why not keep them to yourself and talk about Breaking Bad in the comments?!

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