5 Actors Who Don’t Realise They’ve Been Dead The Entire Time

Actors show more dedication than any other career path on earth, these 5 actors show true inspiration by holding down an amazing career without even realising they’ve been dead the entire time.

Helen Mirren

Academy Award winning Helen Mirren is a talented actor, carving herself a revered career over the decades. Her true talent shines through though, when you find out that she has been dead and not even realised it. Dying at the age of 4 from whooping cough, Helen defied the odds and blossomed throughout her acting career, completely oblivious to the fact that she wasn’t breathing.

Jason Statham

Starring in buddy comedy “Crank”, Jason once asked a colleague “Do you think I died when I was hit by that truck seven years ago?”, the colleague laughed it off at the time, not realising exactly how close Jason was to realising that he was dead his entire career. Jason has since starred in several middle of the road sequels since then, still not knowing the truth.

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart is a renowned actor of the stage and the screen. Landing remarkable roles such as Captain Jean-Luc Kirk in the TV series “Star Wars” as well as his uncannily accurate impression of a man-in-clown-shoes-trying-to-pick-up-a-football-directly-in-front-of-him-but-kicking-it-away-by-accident. All of these achievements have managed to be performed despite the fact that Patrick’s heart no longer beats in his chest. Such an inspiration!

Anne Hathaway

Star of 2 good movies Anne Hathaway probably came closest to the truth when she accidentally came across her own gravestone while shooting the classic musical “Les Miserables”, she pondered for a moment before halting shooting in order to Google what she thought was a weird coincidence. By a stroke of luck her phone battery also died and she promptly forgot about the whole situation. Sadly her career has never recovered.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has amazed all managing to make money from acting despite the fact that he once exploded in a Walmart parking lot in 1996. He has since had a marriage and a child, defying both the laws of physics, but also his fans expectations. True talent!

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