22 American Words And Their British Translations

It’s widely known that English is the source of all the world’s languages. Back in 1885 America took the language, covered it in BBQ sauce and made it easier to understand. Meanwhile, back in merry old Blighty, they still use the same language they invented over 7500 years ago, back in Plymouth. If you’re travelling to the UK, we’ve carefully selected some common words you may need some help with.

  1. Toilet = Loo
  2. Trash = Rubbish
  3. ATM = Pence Dispense
  4. Freeway = Car Strip
  5. Cookie = Penny Cake
  6. Condom = todger suit
  7. Idiot = Crummy Fella Mate
  8. Chips = Potato Gliders
  9. Sweater = Woolen Overshirt
  10. Drunk = Alefrated
  11. Elevator = Upbox (oddly, elevators do not travel downwards in the UK)
  12. Trouser (singular) = Stewart’s Pantaloon
  13. Salad = allotment bowl (aka ‘lottie’)
  14. Football = Football (please note, their version is played with top hats and white ‘tanning rods’ unlike the American version)
  15. Eggplant = Ballyonion
  16. Bank = Ye Olde Coinbin
  17. Pac-Man = Pac-Bloke
  18. Truck = Wheelbox
  19. Gym = Sweathouse
  20. Chicken = Edible Floor Goose
  21. Keyboard = Clarkson’s Word Hammer
  22. Lamppost = Flamestick

So next time you make a trip to the UK and someone offers for you to “drive down the car strip to find a pence dispense to buy an edible floor goose to eat after working out at the sweathouse”, you’ll know exactly what they mean!

Are there any we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!

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